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    Chateau Benaud Dry Red 2014

    Release time:2022-02-15 14:49    Views


    Benno winery

    Chateau PEYNAUD

    Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge

    French premium Bordeaux dry red wine AOC


    Our wines:

    The 2014 vintage has a brilliant deep red colour; Elegant aromas of red and black fruits, oak and spice. Fresh and fruity on the palate, elegant and full with a long finish; It is a high-end wine with long shelf life. Serve with red meats, grilled meats and sichuan dishes.

    Our honors:

    Silver Prize in 2015 Lyon Wine Tasting Competition

    Silver Award in 2014 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Competition

    Silver prize of Wine Tasting competition in Paris, France

    Silver prize in Lyon Wine Tasting Competition

    Silver prize in the 2011 Wine Tasting Competition

    The 2010 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Competition gold medal

    Silver prize in Lyon Wine Tasting Competition

    Gold Medal in the 2009 Wine Tasting competition of the French Wine Society

    Los Angeles High-end Wine Tasting Conference score "92"

    Included in the Guide Hachette wine Guide

    Selected for "Guide Hubert" wine Guide

    Grape variety:

    50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet franc

    9 hectares of vineyards; The vines are 35 years old on average and produce about 30, 000 bottles of wine a year.

    Brewing process:

    The traditional Bordeaux process involves long maceration in stainless steel tanks (at least 3 weeks), followed by 18 months of aging, during which the tanks are regularly poured. Finally, the wine is filtered and vacuum-filled in the winery to ensure the high quality of the wine.

    Our Terroir:

    The villages of Saint Laurent du Bois and Saint Martial between the two sides of Bordeaux, France. It is located 30 km south of saint-Tiemmeron, 20 km north of Sotna and 40 km south of Bordeaux. Hill soil with calcareous clay is very good for perfect ripening of grapes.

    Wine tasting tips:

    It should take 15-20 minutes to decant, and the wine tasting temperature should be about 18℃.

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