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    Chateau Butterfly 2007

    Release time:2022-02-15 15:10    Views


    The butterfly chateau

    Chateau Roudier

    Montagne Saint-Emilion

    Saint-tiemmeron Hill dry red wine


    [Winery Profile] :

    A wine estate through the centuries

    In the famous Saint-Emilion region, our family has been making high-quality wines here for four centuries.

    Under the high demands of the prefect of Saint-Tiemmeron and the consumers who love us all over the world, The growth of Haimu Blue has always been accompanied by our passionate and rigorous aristocratic winemaking heritage.

    Jacques Capdemourlin consolidated our estate at the end of 1970, resulting in a thriving estate of 60 hectares in the famous Saint-Tiemmeron region, with 3 of the only 64 listed estates in the region:

    Chateau Cap de Mourlin

    Chateau Balestard La Tonnelle: Chateau Balestard La Tonnelle

    Chateau Petit Faurie de Soutard

    In addition, we also have:

    2 Vignobles Capdemourlin: Sea Blue

    Chateau Roudier: Butterfly Chateau

    As de Roudier: Butterfly Sub-brand

    [Country of origin] : France

    [Origin] : Montagne Saint-Emilion


    [Area] : 30 hectares of vineyard

    [Grape age] : 35 years on average

    Soil properties: calcareous clay and siliceous clay

    [Production] : 130 000 bottles/year

    [Grape variety] : 65% Merlot, 25% Cabernet franc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

    [year] : 2007

    [Wine degree] : 13%vol

    [Wine making process] : The traditional process of picking, according to different years, at least 3 weeks of maceration with skin, after the end of alcohol fermentation, 1/3 of the malolactic fermentation in new oak barrels, then aging in oak barrels for about 12 months.

    [Winemaker] : Michel ROLLAND.

    [Wine review] : Clean, beautiful ruby red color; Fruity, with hints of oak and vanilla; The palate is mellow and luscious with a delicate bouquet. Aged in oak barrels, it is an excellent storage product.

    [With food] : Suitable for drinking with all kinds of meat dishes, especially for barbecuing and Sichuan dishes.

    [Recommended drinking temperature] : The best drinking temperature is about 18℃

    [Recommended sober up time] : Sober up for about 20 minutes.

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