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    Other yantai wine accessories

    Release time:2022-02-18 10:44    Views

    Other yantai wine accessories for production

    The product nameEnglish namesproducersProduct introduction
    Oak chip (powder)


    INTERCOP company

    Supplementary products that stabilize wine color, clarify wine body, 

    and improve wine structure and flavorFiltering agent

    Product Introduction:PVPPBASF Company of Germany

    Selective removal of polyphenols to prevent the cross-linking

    of polyphenols with proteins.


    Wine instrument


    The product nameEnglish namesproducersProduct introduction
    Oaken barrel replenisher--Yantai Jiufeng Technology Co., LTD

    The equipment is based on the French oak barrel wine replenishing machine 

    for the prototype after improved processing. (For details, please enter)

    Laccase determination KitBOTRYTESTLAFFORT company

    Grape juice to be tested must be unvulcanized (please enter

     for more information)

    Inlet densitometer--
    (For details, please enter)

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