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    Oaken barrel replenisher

    Release time:2022-02-18 11:29    Views

    Operation instructions and safety precautions for yantai imported wine replenishing machine (304 stainless steel barrel)



    Note: This equipment for wine cellar oak barrel add wine special, please do not change it to use, this machine operation process involves high pressure gas, please accept professional training before use, if there is no matter, please call 0535-6881828 Yantai Jiufeng Technology Co., LTD.

    Before use, check whether the nitrogen decompression control system and pipe connections are normal. After nitrogen decompression, the maximum pressure should not exceed 0.4mpa and the operating pressure should be 0.1-0.2mpa. Perform the following operations only when everything is normal.

    One, cleaning:

    1. Water washing: open the tank empting valve, connect the water pipe and spray valve pipe, open the spray valve, and rinse the stainless steel tank for 5~10mins.

    2, alkali washing: if possible, can be injected into the bucket through the spray valve 1% NaOH solution 5~10L, by nitrogen pressure will be alkali discharge from the wine gun. (For long-term disuse, soak the pressure tank with 75% alcohol for internal disinfection before use)

    3. Wash with water for more than 10mins (the operation is the same as Step 1). After the PH of the cleaning and draining water is consistent with the PH of the cleaning water, fill the bucket with clean water and discharge the clean cleaning water through the wine injection gun.

    4. Drain the water in the pressure barrel and pipe through nitrogen and put it to use.

    Ii. Work:

    1. After confirming that the pressure barrel is clean and free of residual water, unplug the intake pipe and inject wine into the pressure barrel through the wine inlet.

    2, connect the pressure barrel and wine gun pipe, connect the intake pipe, open the nitrogen valve, adjust the pressure in the pressure barrel 0.1~ 0.2mpa;

    3. Open the wine gun, empty the air in the pipe, and inject wine into the oak barrel according to the technological requirements.

    Three, and then clean:

    1, after the work is finished, the equipment should be cleaned and emptied, open the inlet and outlet of the pressure tank, and cool dry before storage. The cleaning procedure is the same.

    2. The residual water in the wine injection pipe is emptied by nitrogen.


    Safety Precautions:

    Note: this equipment for yantai imported wine cellar oak barrel add wine special, do not change it to use, this machine operation process involves high pressure gas, please accept professional training before use, please call 0535-Yantai Jiufeng Technology Co., LTD.

    1. Please check whether nitrogen decompression control system is in normal state and pipeline connection is normal before use

    2, nitrogen decompression after the highest pressure shall not exceed 0.3mpa, operating pressure 0.05-0.2mpa, all normal can be operated.

    3. The pressure tank will still maintain pressure even when the valve door of the nitrogen cylinder is closed. Please reduce the pressure to 0Mpa through the wine gun before disassembling and connecting the relevant parts of the pressure tank.

    4. During alkali washing operation, please follow the relevant national regulations on the use of liquid alkali.

    5. Do not soak the pipe and sealing ring with high concentration of alcohol for a long time.

    6. Do not alter the equipment without permission. Our company will not bear the loss caused by the illegal operation or unauthorized modification of the equipment.

    For unstated matters, please contact 0535-6881828


    Main components:

    Nitrogen bottle, nitrogen pressure reducing valve, imported food-grade hose, wine injection valve, pressure barrel, wine gun, stainless steel cart, special tools

    Product label

    Wine replenishing machine
    Product modelJF-TJ01Maximum operating pressure2bar
    The highest pressure4barFlow rate at 2barL/mins
    supplierYantai Jiufeng Technology Co., LTD
    address19 / F, Block A, Yantai Yellow Sea International Center
    Contact phone number0535-6881828、6882218

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