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    Yantai wine accessories from LAFFORT

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    LAFFORT is used to produce yantai wine accessory products

    Product categoriesThe name of theIntroduction to the



    Actiflore F33Suitable for many kinds of wine making, with high cost performance.
    Actiflore F5It is suitable for red wine with strong structure.
    Actiflore BJLSuitable for white wine or fresh red wine, highlighting elegant aroma
    Actiflore BayanusIt has strong fermentation capacity and can be used for fermentation under difficult conditions or restart fermentation.
    Zymaflore F10Full display of variety, soil characteristics, rich and round wine, strong sense of structure.
    Zymaflore F15Wine bordeaux variety of the most suitable strain of red wine, quality wine first choice.
    Zymaflore RX60Suitable for syrah and other Rhone red grape varieties, highlighting the aroma of red fruits
    Zymaflore RB2Good for the color of red wine, enhance varietal characteristics, very suitable for the production of pinot noir.
    Zymaflore X5Good fermentation characteristics, good performance of the variety aroma function.
    Zymaflore VL1With POF(-) characteristics, the aroma is pure, balanced and elegant.
    Zymaflore VL2It has POF(-) character and good fermentation character, producing strong varietal aroma and good taste character.
    Zymaflore X16It has good fermentation properties and is suitable for the production of chardonnay dry white wine in stainless steel fermenter using modern technology.



    OptizymCan be used for red and white wine brewing, economical product, used for quick maceration and clarification of wine.
    Lafase HEFor red wine maceration, good phenol and color extraction effect.
    Lafase HE Grand CruUsed for maceration of premium red wines, making them full bodied, elegant tannins and pure aroma.
    Lafase FruitUsed for short maceration of red wine to enhance fruit flavour.
    Lafase ClarificationAn economical product for wine clarification.
    lafazym ExtractUsed for low temperature maceration of white wine to fully impregnate aroma components.
    Lafazyme CLQuick clarification of white wine to keep aroma pure.
    ExtralyseUsed for aging various wines with wine mud, decompose yeast cell wall, release mannoprotein, glycerin and other substances to make wine mellow and full.
    FiltrozymUsed for wine filtration stage, reduce the viscosity of wine, increase filtration efficiency, reduce filtration intensity.

    Fermentation accelerator


    DynastartNutrients added during yeast activation make yeast highly active and adaptable to the environment.
    ThiazoteProvide nitrogen source for yeast growth and promote yeast growth.
    BioactiveIt provides growth and survival factors for yeast and can be used in mid and late fermentation.
    NutristartYeast is inoculated with growth and survival factors.
    GranucelFor white wine to clarify excessive situations. Increased turbidity, smooth fermentation, elegant aroma.



    Tanin VR SupraStabilize color, enhance structure and prevent oxidation.
    Tanin RWEconomical product, protect color, improve wine quality.
    BiotanPure grape skin tannin can make up for the lack of raw tannin and increase the aging potential.
    Tanin GalalcoolGallnut tannins, used to promote clarification, prevent oxidation and improve taste.
    Tan'corAdded late to adjust taste, increase aging potential and prevent oxidation.
    Tanin plusMade from toasted American oak to complement the tannins and add some vanilla flavour.
    QuertaninFrom French oak heartwood, added later to adjust the taste, antioxidant.

    Lactic acid bacteria and nutrients


    Lactoenos SB3 InstantDirect addition of malolactic fermentation strain.
    Microenos B16A strain traditionally activated for malolactic fermentation.
    Lactoenos 450 PreACRapid activation of malolactic fermentation strains.
    MalostartIt provides nutrients for the smooth fermentation of lactic acid bacteria.

    Glue down and stabilize products


    ArgilactActive bentonite and soluble casein, used to prevent oxidation, inhibit laccase activity, eliminate odor, stabilize protein and clarify liquor.
    Casei PlusSoluble casein, used to prevent oxidation, treat oxidized wine, eliminate iron and copper spoilage,
    IchtyocolleFish glue, used in white wine and rose wine, makes the wine clear and bright, pure aroma. Helps filter.
    PolylactPVPP and casein, used in white and rose wine to remove phenols, prevent oxidation and improve wine quality.
    SiligelColloidal silica gel is used in combination with other gelling materials to increase the speed of flocculation and precipitation. Help filter.
    Albumine Oeuf PoudreFresh high purity egg white powder, used for gelatinizing quality red wine.
    ViniclarPVPP, used for white wine and rose wine, prevents oxidation Browning of wine, and can treat oxidized wine. Reduce bitterness.
    GecollCold soluble gelatin, used for gelling fresh red wine.
    Gecoll SupraLiquid gelatin to remove inferior bitter tannins. Suitable for pressing wine.
    GelaromLiquid gelatin to remove rough tannins and improve wine aroma.
    Gelatin Extra NO.1Heat soluble solid gelatin, used for gelling of premium red wine to promote aging.
    StabivinGum Arabic, used to prevent copper and iron dilapidation, colloid and pigment precipitation.

    Oak products


    Nobile FreshLightly toasted French oak chips enhance structure and promote fruity character.
    Nobile SpiceMedium toasted French oak slices accentuate the fruit and spice aromas.
    Nobile SweetMedium-height toasted French oak chips add sweet character and toasty flavour.
    Nobile IntenseHighly toasted French oak chips to highlight the baking flavor and enhance the sense of volume in the mouth.
    Nobile American BlendAmerican oak slices, accentuating toasty and smoky flavors while showing vanilla character.
    Nobile Fresh GranularFrench oak powder to freshen the wine and enhance its structure.
    Nobile Sweet GranularFrench oak powder enhances the sweet character of the wine with toasty and woody aromas。
    Nobile American Fresh GranularAmerican oak powder to enhance the fruit of the wine.
    Nobile American Blend GranularAmerican oak powder enhances the toasty and smoky flavors of the wine and provides vanilla aromas.


    The above is a brief introduction of some of the products, if you need more detailed information, please contact us. Welcome to communicate with us.

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