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  • Yantai International Trade Co., Ltd.

    Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the introduction, sales and service of beer, wine, juice raw materials and technology. As a technology-based company with a deep professional background, we follow the "technical service to guide product sales", Provide customers with professional and meticulous technical services. Years of credibility in the industry have enabled us to establish a solid partnership with internationally renowned brand companies. For beer, we are the Chinese agent of Crosby Hops Co., Ltd. in the United States, and the Chinese agent of Stabifix Silicone Co., Ltd. (with more than 30% of the global market share) in Germany; for wine and juice, we are the French Rafford ( The long-term and friendly cooperation with these international professional companies has enabled us to learn advanced technology and experience and provide customers with better services.

    comp 2008YEAR

    The company was estoblished in 2008


    Owns the agency rights of 3 wineries in France

    safe 500+

    Cooperate with more than 500 companies


    Technical services guide product sales

    • Perfect Service

    • high quality products

    • Unique resources

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